As businesses grow in size and turnover, and as employers increase the workforce, complying with the scaling Health & Safety requirements can appear daunting.

Suitable for all SME’s and those with growth potential, the LFX Small Business Service provides a clear path to ensure that your Health & Safety approach is tailored to the needs of the business and compliant with the various stages of legislation that any business will go through.

Our team of highly qualified, NEBOSH trained and industry experienced Health & Safety Advisors will take you through the process, keeping you and the business on-track and focussed on making the business a success:

Step 1: Small Business Health Check

The first step to ensuring your Health & Safety approach is on-track is often the hardest, so let us make it easier with our FREE no obligation Small Businness Health Check.

  • Informal confidential review of paperwork
  • Suggestions on how and where improvements might be found

Get in touch via the Contact Us page to start the process and get a confidential and informal review of your Health & Safety needs.

Step 2: Safety Inspection

Following on from the LFX Free Business Health Check, our industry specialist Advisors will visit the business and take a look at your current H&S provision.

This would include looking at a range of areas including:

  • Health & Safety Policy & culture
  • Responsible persons
  • Relevant Risk Assessments
  • Accident procedures
  • Staff training
  • Fire Safety – escape routes, testing of fire protection equipment, Fire Risk Assessment in place, evacuation procedure

The LFX Safety Inspection is followed up with a simple & confidential report showing what was looked at / discussed, what was found to be in place, and our recomendations on what needs to be done to bring you up to speed.

STEP 3: Health and Safety Audit

A comprehensive independent look at your business from a Health and Safety perspective.

We will help you to both spot the risks within your business and put the necessary actions in place to fix them e.g:

  • Detailed site inspection
  • Creation / update of Health & Safety Policy
  • Production and completion of Risk Assessments
  • Accident procedures
  • Staff training

All findings will be sent in a clear, easy to understand report, including photographs. A follow up visit is also available if required as are regular scheduled re-visits on a basis to be determined by the customer.