Our Full Service package, this bespoke tailored review is designed for larger businesses with either a fledging or established understanding of Health & Safety.

Taking place on-site, the review will look at every aspect of your approach to Workplace & Occupational Safety, helping you keep on track and ensuring full legal compliance in your day-to-day operation.

The Review service is tailored to meet the needs of each unique organisation, however every Review is likely to include as a minimum:

Site Visit & Workplace Inspection:

Our Team of experienced H&S Advisors will spend time at your workplace(s), observing the operations and the current implementation of your existing Health & Safety provision.

Observations will include:

  • Safety Sampling
    – checks for defects in specific locations
  • Safety Surveys
    – detailed inspection of location or activity
  • Safety Tours
    – unscheduled brief look at a specific area or task

Paperwork & Procedure Review:

Taking place away from your business using other similar examples, HSE guidance and examples of Best Practice, the LFX Workplace Safety Advisors will review both your on-paper procedures, and those observed whilst undertaking the Site Visit.

Urgent or ‘quick-fix’ measures to correct outdated, unlawful or dangerous practices will be advised via an LFX Advisory Note, however in general the Paperwork & Procedure Review findings will be fed into the LFX Report and sent out as part of the next phase of the service.

LFX Workplace Safety Report & Follow-up:

Containing observation notes, comments and feedback – as well as detailed Short, Medium and Longterm Recommendations, the LFX Workplace Safety Report provides a detailed Action Plan for improvement and compliance.

The Safety Report will remain confidential at all times and will form the Agenda for one (or more) Follow-up Meetings during which your LFX Safety Advisor(s) will go through the findings in detail and provide opportunities for discussion in a more informal way.

In addition, clients can request that additional follow-up takes place at pre-defined intervals whilst any new systems and procedures are bedded in.


This weekend was something special.
As the tenth year of our involvement with Tramlines comes to an end, it's great to see the industry that we love returning to some degree of normality.
Tramlines has always been a great Festival, and this year was no exception...

Tramlines Festival@tramlines

Sheffield.. what can we say. We just made history together! 3 days of phenomenal music, comedy, sun, sing-a-longs, beers and, most importantly, hugs! 🙌 (1/2) 4

Match Day - UEFA Champions League Final 2021 @ Estádio do Dragão in Portugal and our Safety Advisor is on-hand all for our VIP Hospitality client. Good luck to the Blues (!) & well done all involved in the swiftest of venue swaps! #COVIDsecure #EventSafetybyLFX #SittingOnTheFence

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