Our Full Service package, this bespoke tailored review is designed for larger businesses with either a fledging or established understanding of Health & Safety.

Taking place on-site, the review will look at every aspect of your approach to Workplace & Occupational Safety, helping you keep on track and ensuring full legal compliance in your day-to-day operation.

The Review service is tailored to meet the needs of each unique organisation, however every Review is likely to include as a minimum:

Site Visit & Workplace Inspection:

Our Team of experienced H&S Advisors will spend time at your workplace(s), observing the operations and the current implementation of your existing Health & Safety provision.

Observations will include:

  • Safety Sampling
    – checks for defects in specific locations
  • Safety Surveys
    – detailed inspection of location or activity
  • Safety Tours
    – unscheduled brief look at a specific area or task

Paperwork & Procedure Review:

Taking place away from your business using other similar examples, HSE guidance and examples of Best Practice, the LFX Workplace Safety Advisors will review both your on-paper procedures, and those observed whilst undertaking the Site Visit.

Urgent or ‘quick-fix’ measures to correct outdated, unlawful or dangerous practices will be advised via an LFX Advisory Note, however in general the Paperwork & Procedure Review findings will be fed into the LFX Report and sent out as part of the next phase of the service.

LFX Workplace Safety Report & Follow-up:

Containing observation notes, comments and feedback – as well as detailed Short, Medium and Longterm Recommendations, the LFX Workplace Safety Report provides a detailed Action Plan for improvement and compliance.

The Safety Report will remain confidential at all times and will form the Agenda for one (or more) Follow-up Meetings during which your LFX Safety Advisor(s) will go through the findings in detail and provide opportunities for discussion in a more informal way.

In addition, clients can request that additional follow-up takes place at pre-defined intervals whilst any new systems and procedures are bedded in.