At LFX, we have been meticulously planning a broad range of events for over 20 years and take pride in bringing people together in mass participation events. With our professional events team and event safety expertise, we will manage both your event and all safety aspects.

Event Planning & Documentation 

The process of planning a mass participation event begins with a site visit, where we can survey your event site and provide guidance and support regarding the licences required to turn your plans and ideas into reality.

We conduct a detailed and thorough risk assessment tailored to your event using crowd modelling and crowd dynamics. We study and profile the risks using the latest techniques, such as DIM (design, information, management) and ICE (ingress, circulation, egress) modelling to ensure safe crowd flow throughout the event.

A detailed EMP (Event Management Plan) and ESP (Event Safety Plan) will be in place for your event. These documents are highly detailed and immensely thorough, covering every miniscule aspect of the event, from key personnel to event evacuation. Everything that we have worked on from day one of the planning of the event is encased in these documents for you to refer to.

Our highly qualified event safety team (NEBOSH & IOSH) fulfill all aspects of the event safety management and staffing for your event, including:

  • Liaising with the council and responsible authorities
  • Offering consultancy of licence applications
  • Medical needs assessments
  • Preparing all necessary paperwork
  • Presenting these at safety advisory group or multi-agency group meetings

We also cover on-the-ground requirements from build and break health and safety cover through to live event safety management for audiences from 1000 to 40,000 people.

We are experts in our field and with our extensive database of industry professionals for event and event safety management, we regularly supply staff to events across the UK in a range of roles, including:

  • Event Management
  • Site Management
  • Production Management
  • Health and Safety Management

Our event management and safety team are experienced at delivering mass participation events with a range of capacities. We will ensure the site is well managed with a full stewarding and traffic management plan in place, including road closures if applicable.  

There will be no stone left unturned in the run up to your event, ensuring it is planned down to the last detail. This ensures that everything is in place for your event to go ahead both safely and smoothly.

    Production and Site

    We provide everything that your event requires for a safe and smooth production, from CCB / pedestrian or concorde barrier to medical tents, and are experienced at designing suitable and efficient start & finish zones for road races.

    We create detailed site plans which display infastructure placement so that all stakeholders are familiar with the site both before and during the event.

    Participant Safety

    At LFX, event safety is our primary concern. All potential risks and hazards associated with your event will be highlighted well in advance of the event date in the risk assessment and ESP (Event Safety Plan). We ensure that everyone working or voluneering at the event is fully briefed and aware of the event safety protocol before the event.

    In the lead up to your event, our event safety team conduct stingent safety checks to ensure the safety of event participants. This includes checking the course in advance and conducting a dry run prior to the event start time. 

    We also provide lead safety and rear safety vehicles where appropriate to ensure maximum safety of all participants.