Prior to your event we produce detailed crowd dynamics plans and models using the latest technology, such as DIM-ICE (Ingress, Circulation, Egress) modelling. This is an extremely effective measure to ensure a smooth and safe control of crowd ingress and egress.

Public safety is our top priority during your event and we take control of every last detail, beginning with a visit to your event site. This allows us to make an initial assessment of the crucial safety data, such as fire exits and evacuation routes, as well as drawing up a thorough risk assessment. As well as outlining the potential risks and hazards, the risk assessment will set out the frequency of checks, who is responsible for them, and the methods they use.

This also allows us to create a well-informed site design to ensure safe crowd flow and facility placement based on a number of factors including:

  • Traffic and pedestrian routes and emergency access and exits
  • Ground conditions
  • Position and proximity of noise-sensitive buildings
  • Geographical location in relation to local services and facilities
  • Topography and any natural hazards
  • Location and availability of services such as water, sewage, gas and electric

    This is then drawn up on a detailed and to scale site plan, which can be distributed to all stakeholders.

    Once the risks and hazards presented by your event and venue are assessed and recorded in the ESP (Event Safety Plan), we work to ensure everything is in place for maximum safety throughout the event. This includes planned use of barriers, safe use of cables and wires and clear safety signage.

    We also plan for appropriate stewarding to ensure professional and trained staff are in place throughout the event to oversee crowd safety and ensure the relevant areas are cordoned off appropriately.

    This extends to customer welfare and medical management, which we plan carefully to meet the needs of your intended audience. We liaise with the relevant authorities and services in order to manage the medical welfare effectively, ensuring that this is easily accessible to event attendees, staff and volunteers.

    In addition to this we chair safety advisory group meetings, as well as multi-agency group meetings on behalf of the client. This ensures all stakeholders and local and responsible authorities have a shared and clear understanding of the event and the appropriate safety measures that need to be in place.

  • We had a friendly visit from West Midlands Police tonight at our damp but still fun Lakeside event site tonight! Always nice to see and great to get a chance to show off our COVID-secure protocols in action

    West Midlands Police@WMPolice

    Visited this outdoor event at the @unibirmingham halls @GuildofStudents.

    Very well organised and Covid secure; students had to pre-book with max group of 6.
    Everyone wearing masks when walking around 😷 and lots of security patrolling!

    Great work! 👍🏽

    Lakeside 2020 @ the University of Birmingham

    #WeMakeEvents #LightItInRed

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