Your event is in safe hands with LFX. We pride ourselves on our stringent safety agenda for all events.

Public safety is our top priority during your event and we take event safety management very seriously. Understanding and preempting the risks and hazards associated with your event can mean the difference between a safe and enjoyable event and a preventable tragedy. We provide professional and trained staff and ensure that they are in place throughout the event to oversee crowd safety and manage crowd flow where appropriate.

Immediately prior to your event start, we conduct strict pre-doors site safety inspections to guarantee that everything is in place for the event to go ahead safely. Throughout your event, we continually assess the risks arising from crowd movement and behavior as they arrive, leave and move around the site. This includes assessing and controlling crowd density and front of stage crowd safety where appropriate, following official guidelines.

As detailed in the ESP (Event Safety Plan), a show stop procedure will be in place to be initiated in the event of an emergency, ensuring effective and controlled response to an incident. All staff will be fully briefed on what to do in this situation, particularly who the key people are to ensure good communication between key agencies and adherence to the agreed plan.

Whether a full site evacuation or a partial site evacuation is required, all staff will be made aware of any situation, and if necessary redeployed to ensure that areas of the site not affected by the incident do not become overcrowd.

We can also provide event operational management to coordinate and integrate all operations within the event, ensuring that your event runs safely from start to finish. Our experienced and professional event staff are in place to control and oversee all matters, make professional decisions and liaise with all relevant parties.