LFX Events provide a broad-based event management service which will ensure that every aspect of your event is carefully thought through and meticulously planned.

We offer a complete solution – providing everything including event, site and production management; licensing, stewarding and security; stage management and artist liaison; technical production- staging, lighting, sound, AV etc.; event Infrastructure (power, toilets, fencing, etc.); sponsorship, promotion, marketing, ticketing and more.

Event Planning & Site Design

With over 20 years experience creating and delivering live events, LFX are able to design and plan every aspect of your event.

Starting with creating a site plan, we will survey your event site creating a bespoke, scaled and accurate plan incorporating all of the required elements of the event, finding the best location for each element whilst ensuring smooth crowd flow and maximising the customer experience.

Once the basic site layout is in place, a bespoke Event Management Plan is created covering aspects including:

  • Marketing
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Ticketing
  • Site equipment and infrastructure
  • Event & production schedules
  • Health and safety
  • Emergency plans

In addition LFX are experts at arranging specialist services that your event may require such as Noise Management Plans, Safeguarding Plans, Waste and Environmental Management Plans and more.

Event & Production Management

LFX have a dedicated, experienced and professional events team who provide specialist site, production, technical and event management in a broad and diverse range of live event settings.

Equally at home indoors and out, our events team are experienced at delivering events from 500 to 50,000 people, managing all aspects including:

  • Staging and temporary structures
  • PA and lighting
  • Special FX
  • LED Screens and video
  • Site access
  • Ground protection
  • Traffic management
  • Fencing and barriers
  • Temporary power and water
  • Cabins and toilets

In addition, our team understand the complexities of largescale events, with experience of areas such as artist liaison and trader management at the highest level.

Post-Event Reporting

LFX prides itself on creating long-lasting relationships with its clients. We like to view ourselves as partners in your event rather than simply suppliers to it.

An essential part of our post-event evaluation is reflecting on each project and recording the effectiveness of each individual aspect. This allows the event to grow and the customer experience to be enhanced year-on-year.

To ensure this, our events team take detailed notes and observations throughout the event delivery on all aspects including:

  • Timings – both internal and advertised
  • Site layout
  • Supplier and trader performance
  • Crowd management
  • Customer ‘Hot Spots’
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Licensing compliance

These and other aspects of the event are captured in a single post-event report to be used and referred to in future planning, making an essential and important record of what went well, and what could be improved next time.