Your event is in safe hands with LFX. Our stringent safety agenda applies to everyone entering the event site pre, during and post event complying fully with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations as far as they apply to event sites.

This includes the health, safety and welfare of those on site carrying out construction work and protecting others who this work might affect, from harm.

We conduct rigorous contractor audits and a thorough vetting process before booking any contractors to work on site. Prior to the event, we draw up a detailed CPP (Construction Phase Plan) to cover the build and strike at the end of the event. This is shared with all contractors to ensure that everyone on site is aware and agrees with the site safety rules.

As well as key site safety rules, the Event Management Plan – which includes the CPP, details all key aspects of your event. This includes a detailed description of the project, key dates, members of the team and how the work will be managed safely, drawing on key safety risks associated with your event or venue.

As event safety managers, we are constantly reflecting on our own safe practice and ensuring we are up to date with the relevant laws and legislation surrounding safe working environments. For all temporary demountable structures, we assess the risks of working at height under the Work At Height Regulations 2005, whenever there is a risk of fall liable to cause personal injury.

We are also fluent in the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

We ensure safe working areas are employed in order to minimise risks and hazards and ensure safe systems of work are developed.  This also includes ensuring the erection and breakdown of temporary demountable structures are carried out methodically by trained professionals and strictly in accordance with the design documentation.

To ensure this is the case, we provide detailed site inductions to ensure all contractors are familiar with the site. In addition, we provide ‘toolbox talks’ to all workforce on particular aspects of health and safety. This ensures all construction work is carried out safely for the benefit of everyone on site pre, during and post event.